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  • How can the pack be worn?
  • What size is the pack?
    The Revamp Gear Front Pack is a one size fits most. The adjustments straps allow the body of the vest pack to be raised and lowered based on user preference. The rear waist strap of the pack can be shortened and lengthend to accomodate various body types. When fully lengthened, it brings the diameter of the vest and strap to approximately 60’’ around.
  • What are the dimensions of the storage compartments?
    Each side of the Revamp Gear vest pack is identical, so these measurements would apply to both the left and right side of the vest pack. Front Bottom pocket measures: 9’’ wide x 7’’ height x 5’’ depth Two small interior mesh pockets: 3’’ wide x 5’’ tall Top mesh pocket measures: 4’’ wide x 5’’ height (more triangular in shape) Rear mesh pocket: 9’’wide x 6’’ tall ( mesh will allow for expansion)
  • What color does the pack come in?
    Currently the Revamp Gear Front Pack is available in Grey.
  • Can you ship to me?
    Currently we are only shipping within the United States. For international shippping questions email
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