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Revamp gear front vest pack about us

Revamp Gear front Pack




      Our company is a family owned business based out of Southwest Florida. With a growing family and hectic schedules, spending time together outdoors is the perfect escape from the weekly routine. Being surrounded by waterways, hiking trails, and the Everglades, we are constantly exploring and appreciating everything that nature has provided.


      The idea behind the Revamp Gear vest pack came about by realizing the need for easily accessible storage on the go.  I had experimented with a few front packs and outdoor vests. While they served their purpose, I found that I couldn’t wear these packs at the same time as a back pack or hydration pack. The backpack’s shoulder straps would cover portions of the vest, the sternum strap of the backpack couldn’t be used without restricting access to the vest, and the combination of the two was just simply uncomfortable.


      We laid out specific criteria for the design of our Revamp Gear vest pack. This pack would have to be lightweight, durable and serve multiple purposes. It couldn’t be restrictive and had to be functional. We wanted to keep it low-profile while still providing adequate storage space. Most importantly, it had to work with other outdoor gear. This front pack can be worn by itself and in combination with backpacks, daypacks, frame packs, hydration packs and more… Our patented design allows the pack to be easily added and removed to the majority of rear storage packs. This unique combination allows for convenience, comfort and best of all options. The Revamp Gear vest pack adapts to your lifestyle, allowing you to customize your gear for your activities. 

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